... an excellent communicator, he was prompt in answering, polite (“business” class but with a “human touch”), patient, consistent, cooperative and precise....

... an EXCELLENT programming professional, solving and tailoring, with high application and eficency, our technical needs quite instantly ...more... 

The MediFashion team, Bucharest, Romania, European Union

Paul Silvestru

MediFashion, Romania


Welcome to Surge Computing Online Shop

Do you need;

to sell your products online?
an online catalog?
an online brochure?
or just an internet presence?

Do you need;

a custom modification to your CubeCart v3 shop (Cubecart mods)?
a custom Point of Sale system?
to get better results from the search engines?


And what's more we're affordable*...
Contact: George McKay - Ph: 0417 845 680 - email: george@surge.com.au

Check out our websites at www.surgewebsites.com
*hourly rate $120 + GST, minimum 1/2 hour. Regular customers pay just $90/hr + GST...
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p.s. Western Australia and South Australia have done away with the traditional Vehicle Registration Sticker.  Many of us have used this sticker to remind us when the car rego is due for renewal.  The fines for driving an unregistered vehicle can be large and could even cost demerit points or loss of licence.  Having an accident without third party bodily injury cover could lead to huge liabilites.  So, what we've done is create a facility to enable to create and print your own Registration Reminder Tag.

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