... an excellent communicator, he was prompt in answering, polite (“business” class but with a “human touch”), patient, consistent, cooperative and precise....

... an EXCELLENT programming professional, solving and tailoring, with high application and eficency, our technical needs quite instantly ...more... 

The MediFashion team, Bucharest, Romania, European Union

Paul Silvestru

MediFashion, Romania


TNG Family Tree Software

Location: /Family Tree Publishing
TNG Family Tree Software
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Product Information
TNG is The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding - allowing you to build and publish your Family Tree ONLINE.

This package is for the SOFTWARE LICENCE only.  A website and some experience is required to install and setup the software for use - we are willing and able to do this on your behalf, please call us or state so in the purchasing comments...

Refer to www.familytree.id.au for more information...

Product Code: TNGW62

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