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... an EXCELLENT programming professional, solving and tailoring, with high application and eficency, our technical needs quite instantly ...more... 

The MediFashion team, Bucharest, Romania, European Union

Paul Silvestru

MediFashion, Romania


CC3 Contact Management

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CC3 Contact Management
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Product Information

This mod adds Contact Management facilities to CubeCart v3.

The customer screen is updated to include the name of the staff member assigned to the customer, the date the next contact is due and a facility to add statis comments (like birthday, name of wife and kids etc).

A button allows access to the contact log screen which can be simply used to add a contact date, but also allows for entry of details of the discussion.  On this screen the last 25 contact dates and text is alos displayed with the ability to scroll to earlier entries if required.

A new function is provided  to facilitate customer followup by listing contacts due within the next week for a staff member, or all staff.

Product Code: CC3Contact

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