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TNT Shipping Module Plugin Wordpress WooCommerce

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TNT Shipping Module Plugin Wordpress WooCommerce
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Product Information

** Under Development **

This Wordpress WooCommerce shipping module plugin SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE uses TNT Australia's new online Rated Transit Time (RTT) system to return Australian domestic freight values directly from TNT using your account credentials.

Simply upload the new files to your website, add your credentials, test and activate.

  •  Select which TNT freight methods you are making available to your customers
  •  Set the default freight collection location
This module interfaces with our server which performs the actual interfacing with TNT.  The module price is for an ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION to assist in covering our costs. 


A current TNT account is required.  Contact TNT directly to organise your account and rates at http://www.tnt.com/express/en_au/site/home.html or call them on 13 11 50.

Although we provide this interface to the TNT RTT system, we are in no way connected with TNT.  We are in no way responsible for the rates returned by the TNT RTT system and you should ensure that you are happy with the calculated rates before activating the module.  You should ensure that all associated TNT fees and levies are covered by the freight costs calculated and add appropriate margins by product or shipment as required.

Product Code: TNTWoo

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