... an excellent communicator, he was prompt in answering, polite (“business” class but with a “human touch”), patient, consistent, cooperative and precise....

... an EXCELLENT programming professional, solving and tailoring, with high application and eficency, our technical needs quite instantly ...more... 

The MediFashion team, Bucharest, Romania, European Union

Paul Silvestru

MediFashion, Romania


CC3 Fully Secure Website

Location: /CubeCart v3/Cubecart mods
CC3 Fully Secure Website
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Google Chrome will be alerting users to insecure websites with placement of a red Not Secure warning.

Installing a certificate and activating the SSL in your 'General Settings' doesn't help as that only affects the Cart and Registration pages.

No need to upgrade to version 4, 5 or 6, just make these simple changes to your code...
1. edit your /includes/global.inc.php and change the Store_URL from http:// to https://

2. edit your /includes/sslSwitch.inc.php and change
$storeURL = str_replace("http://","",$glob['storeURL']);
to $storeURL = str_replace("https://","",$glob['storeURL']);

3. Edit /index.php and add $enableSSl = 1; as below;
    $enableSSl = 1;

Product Code: CC3C40

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